Alumni Access Drives Awareness & Engagement

The Solution:

It doesn’t matter if your alumni are wealthy or not, saving money is an almost universal desire. That’s why discounts are used by 96% of the population. Alumni Access is the one tool that can engage nearly all your alumni.

You can’t expect your alumni to give of their time, talent or treasure, unless you first attract them with a compelling incentive. So unless you’re giving away free money, there’s no better way to attract and engage your alumni than by helping them save money on everyday purchases.

Alumni Access offers local and nationwide discounts on dining, pizza, fast-food, clothing and apparel, gym memberships, haircuts and styling, movies, cell phone service, oil changes and repairs, car parts, hotels, car rentals, theme parks, professional sports tickets, entertainment, home and garden centers, and more.

The discount network that powers Alumni Access has been helping organizations attract and engage their constituents for over 30 years. By giving something of value, your alumni will be far more inclined to give back in return. It’s what social scientists call “the Law of Reciprocation.”


Saving Money is a Powerfully Compelling Benefit

The Solution:

Dues-paying and non-dues paying alumni organizations use benefits as a tool to attract alumni, and keep them engaged over time. But only personally relevant benefits can actually engage alumni over time. Here’s how:

To increase engagement, giving, and long-term loyalty, you must give your alumni something of value; a benefit that is personally relevant. That means it must be personally relevant by offering EACH of these five key elements.

  1. Solves a difficult or frequent problem for your alumni?
  2. Delivers compelling value, savings, or benefit?
  3. Is within close proximity to alumni (physically or digitally)?
  4. Is easy and convenient to use?
  5. Is unique or exclusive to your organization, and not available to the general public?

Alumni Access meets each of these key elements:

  1. Solves a difficult or frequent problem for your alumni?

    The discounts solve the universal problem we all face: how do we spend less money and keep more of what we earn? Consumers love coupons or discounts, which is why nearly every supermarket, retailer, or airline uses discounts to attract and engage their customers.

  2. Delivers compelling value, savings, or benefit

    Alumni Access discounts and coupons offer discounts of 25%, 45% even 50% off on popular items. These discounts are unique in the industry, and offer in-store discounts, at stores where alumni frequently shop.

  3. Is within close proximity to alumni (physically or digitally

    Alumni get discounts at over 1 million popular restaurants and retailers in every major and suburban market in America. We have the largest, private discount network in America.

  4. Is easy and convenient to use

    Our mobile app and web interface make saving money simple and easy. And because we invest in cutting-edge technology, we continue to find solutions to improve the end-user experience. By making it easy and convenient to save, your alumni will keep using this benefit, and become addicted to the savings.

  5. Is unique or exclusive to your organization, and not available to the general public

    These discounts are private and are only available to your alumni when they log in. You cannot find these discounts on public websites, deal sites, or get them sent to you by mail. Consequently, when your alumni see the quality of discounts you are providing, they will instantly recognize their unique value.


Go Mobile with My Deals Mobile app

The Solution:

Alumni Access includes a mobile app branded with your organization’s logo and colors. It delivers 1 million+ show-your-phone mobile coupons that use GPS/geo-location technology to find nearby discounts, so it doesn’t matter if alumni are at work, home or on vacation, they can find a discount nearby.

No other mobile coupon app delivers more value and savings than Alumni Access.

Our partner, Mobile-up™ integrates our discount content into their comprehensive alumni engagement mobile solution, which includes features like career services, an online giving platform, volunteering, event registration, etc. Go here for more information.

If you have a mobile app that’s currently lacking downloads or usage, add Alumni Access to your platform. Our API makes it easy to integrate our discounts into your current platform. Learn more here.


Helping alumni save money will stimulate generosity

The Solution:

By offering the Alumni Access discount program, you communicate that you care about alumni who are temporarily struggling financially. Not only do you give alumni a meaningful benefit that can help them save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars annually, but you overcome the perception that your institution is mostly focused on asking them for money.


Alumni Access is a true, nationwide benefit

The Solution:

Reach and engage your alumni, wherever they live from coast to coast!

Too often, the services we pass off as benefits are nothing more than token benefits. They have limited relevance, appeal, and usage. Truly relevant benefits are harder to offer, especially when you have alumni living outside of your local community.

Because discounts are a popular tool used by retailers, airlines, and supermarkets to attract and engage consumers, discounts are also a great way to attract and engage alumni. But one alumni organization couldn’t build a nationwide discount network on its own, as the scale is too large and the expense prohibitive. But Alumni Access leverages hundreds of client and alumni organizations, and their millions of members, to build the nation’s largest, private discount network.

Alumni Access has a discount within proximity of 99.6% of the U.S. population. With over 1 million places to save, your alumni will always have a way to stay connected with your organization.


Amplify Your Staff/Budget Productivity

The Solution:

Alumni Access offers automated solutions to maintain ongoing contact and engagement with alumni, depending on the parameters you set. And our contact center can communicate with alumni as though we were sitting in the alumni house.

With as much or as little automation as you desire, Alumni Access can automatically reach out to your alumni, inform them of relevant discounts in their area (based on their Zip Code) or send mobile push notifications of nearby discounts, based on their GPS location.

In addition, if alumni have any questions about logging in, lost passwords, or how to download and use the mobile app, our customer service team will respond to those inquiries (either by email, web chat or telephone) as if we were sitting in your office at the alumni house. This seamless integration is based upon the messaging you create, so alumni will feel as though they’re talking to someone in your office.

It’s all part of the high-touch approach we take to engaging your alumni, one discount at a time.